Chloe Bailey has embarrassing tampon accident

Chloe Bailey has embarrassing tampon accident while dancing at mtv awards

We all know that feeling when our period unexpectedly shows up and we’re nowhere near a bathroom. For most of us, it’s a minor inconvenience. But for Chloe Bailey, it was an embarrassing moment caught on live television.

The R&B singer was performing at the MTV Video Music Awards last night when she had a little accident. While dancing, her tampon fell out and landed on the stage.

Bailey was dancing on stage when she suddenly felt something wet running down her leg. Thinking it was sweat, she continued dancing until she realized that it was actually blood. She quickly ran off stage, mortified by the incident.

Bailey was quick to recover and continued her performance like a pro, but the internet was quick to point out the mishap. Some people were sympathetic, while others found it humorous.

Either way, it’s a reminder that periods are a natural part of life and nothing to be embarrassed about. We hope Bailey can laugh about it too.

Chloe Bailey

This isn’t the first time that a celebrity has had a wardrobe malfunction at an awards show. In 2014, Jennifer Lawrence suffered a similar incident when her dress ripped open at the Oscars.

Despite the embarrassing incident, Bailey handled it like a pro and continued her performance. She even joked about it afterwards, saying that she “gave birth to a baby on stage”.

We’re sure that Bailey will look back on this incident and laugh, but it must have been mortifying in the moment. We’re glad she was able to keep her sense of humor about it and we hope she has a speedy recovery.

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