Edward Jenny-Father of Vaccines

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic that has slowed the heartbeat of world activities;forced everyone to wear a facemask and made social distancing the new normal, it is rather unfortunate that conspiracy theories concerning Covid-19 vaccine is having a wild goose chase.But history has it on record that diseases that would have caused the death of millions have been averted by vaccines.

From the Black Death epidemic to the Spanish flu epidemic and also to the polio epidemic we can see how humans have suffered severely from the activities of viruses and microbes.Even relatively treatable illnesses like small pox and cholrea were biological weapons of death until the dawn of modern health science which vaccination is a chief part of it.

A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease .The term vaccine and vaccination are derived from variolae vaccine known as the cow pox,in which Jenner described the protective effect of cowpox against smallpox.

Edward Jenner known as “father of immunology ” innoculated an eight year old boy with cowpox matter from a blister on the hand of a English milkmaid.He then repeatedly attempted to challenge the cowpox inoculation by exposing the boy to small pox material -but the boy never felk ill.Jenner had demonstrated small pox immunisation .This began the long journey to the path of immunization and vaccination.

Even though there are now standard practices on the work of vaccines,we can’t forget the work of Edward Jenner whose work saved the lives of many and impressed Napoleon Bonaparte to award him a medal of honour .

In the race of the Covid -19 vaccine anongst many nations it is pertinent to look back at the usefulness of vaccines without any preconceived misconceptions or suspicions;and in the true spirit of Edward Jenner let’s ponder of the lives that will be lost if there is no dissemination of vaccines.

Coronavirus is here to stay just like small pox or polio but we can stop its effectiveness through the vaccine.

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