Lady Who Hawks Pure Water With One Leg Gets Help From Young Nigerian





TRIXX NG reports that a lady who hawks pure water in Lagos despite the fact that she is one-legged has gotten the attention of a good Samaritan.

This publication gathered that the good Samaritan, Ibitoye Ayodele got interested in her when he saw her zeal and attitude to the little business she’s doing in order to make a living.

In an Instagram post, Ayodele explained that He was on his way to get something in Oshodi from his office when he saw the lady, although he didn’t get enough details about her immediately, but pressed further by asking people around who gave him her contact.

He revealed that during his chat with her, She noted that She lost one of her legs in an accident that happened in 2006, which claimed the lives of everyone in the bus, including her parents.

Touched by her story, Ayodele helped her with little cash, while promising to do more.

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