Although I’ve always been a tremendous fan of your work, a lot has changed recently. I quickly understood that the young man has lost it after viewing this comment attributed to Omoyele Sowore of Sahara Reporters and published in a rag-tag online tabloid owned by Maureen Badejo’s GIO Tv as reported on April 3, 2021 by one Isaac Obasi.

If not for the very hazardous falsehoods he promoted in his reported comments, I would have ignored this as another foolish rant from a washed-out gutter writer looking for attention and importance everywhere.

I work as an investigative journalist and have been following Sowore’s attacks on MFM and General Overseer Dr. D. K. Olukoya since 2002 or 2003, when we learned that a group of journalists gate-crashed the MFM Cross-over service and, without authorization, walked directly to the pulpit and began filming while Dr. Olukoya had already mounted the pulpit for the day’s sermon.

We were able to recall from that article that terrorists were bombing churches during a difficult time for the nation. Therefore, security personnel in both uniform and plain clothes were assigned to watch over and safeguard such gatherings.

In that article, it was claimed that the security guards on duty that day noticed some unidentified males approaching the pulpit while sermons were still being delivered. They intervened to stop their progress and guided them to a space designated for authorized journalists. However, one of the young men among them took offense as we read, and it just so happened to be Sowore Omoleye.

Maureen and Sowore

He allegedly became offended because his pompous, larger-than-life persona had been disparaged. And a few days later, I can still recall reading some highly inflammatory fiction about being held by the Church at a purported detention facility and many defamatory remarks made by his media outlet.

Since then, everything I’ve read about him and Dr. Olukoya in his publications has been trash, to the point where he claimed in one of his numerous YouTube videos—clearly lying—that Olukoya had offered him money for his political campaign.

I learned about a dispute between these two parties in 2018 when MFM and Dr. Olukoya filed a libel lawsuit against Sowore in Suit No. HU/250/2018 at the High Court of Justice in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, apparently fed up with his verbal diarrhea. We discovered that he published additional defamatory material after being served with the legal papers, which resulted in another lawsuit with the same court, suit number. H/U312/2018.

After receiving notice of the second lawsuit’s filing, he conducted an interview where, like Maureen, he attacked the Akwa Ibom State judiciary and poured more dirt on MFM and Dr. Olukoya. As a result, a third libel lawsuit, No. HU/15/2019, was brought against him.

Through our investigation, we learned that he retained the services of Barr. Inibehe Effiong, whose colleague in Uyo “happened” to be in court on the date MFM lawyers were to move a motion for judgment in default of appearance and defense, after employing the same tactics of denying service as Maureen Badejo attempted to employ in the suit under discussion.

According to reports, Sowore was served with papers for the lawsuits and received them at the Media Hub, 13A Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA, which also housed the Sahara Reporters Media Foundation, an NGO for which he serves as the primary trustee. However, Sowore denied service and having any connection to that address through his attorneys.

Through our inquiry, we learned that He replaced Lakeisha Landrum, the former vice president for global partnerships, with his name and picture as the founder and chief executive of Media Hub.

According to information we received, Ime Asanga, an attorney for MFM and Dr. Olukoya, believed that the issue of service would be used as a talisman to prevent the prompt hearing of the substantive cases on their merits. As a result, he filed a Notice of Discontinuance in each of those cases, and each of those cases was subsequently dismissed.

In essence, the cases were withdrawn from court by MFM and Dr. OLUKOYA rather than being dismissed.

We were also informed that the withdrawal of the cases was a plan to combine the three cases into a single mammoth lawsuit AFTER FINDING SOWORE’S UNQUESTIONED ADDRESS IN NIGERIA.

According to reports, a mega lawsuit containing the claims from the three withdrawn cases was filed on November 15th, 2019 under the case number HU/349/2019.

Sowore was detained at the Department of State Services in Abuja at the time.

According to information provided, the lawyer representing MFM and Dr. Olukoya requested and was granted permission from the court to serve him either at the Department of State Services, Aso Drive, Abuja, or at his undisputed address at No. 1 Mosafejo Street, Kiribo, Ondo State of Nigeria, which is the address he gave the Corporate Affairs Commission when he registered Sahara Reporters Media Foundation.

The High Court of Akwa Ibom State had sent a bailiff to serve Sowore at the D.S.S. office when he was already in Abuja, but Dr. Olukoya gave the order that the service not be carried out so as not to complicate his travel plans at the time. Perhaps the situation would have been resolved there, but because Sowore’s statements have brought it to light, it is rumored that he will soon be subject to initiating proceedings.

We looked into this issue more and found that there is no relationship between the case in Nigeria and the one he is currently dealing with in the US. The lawsuit in the United States was necessary because the American entities he defamed were unable to participate in the Nigerian lawsuit.

According to the story, Sowore is also cited as saying, “It is very terrible how impoverished people’s tithes and offerings are utilized to maintain the reputation of a man who urges you to pray when your stomach is growling with hunger!.” This claim, however, is not entirely clear.

If you conduct thorough research before making claims, you will always get the facts correct; anyone who is interested in verifying them can do so. Dr. Olukoya is a minister of God, a scientist, and an outstanding author whose works have sold all over the world.

He does not earn or get anything from the church’s funds; instead, he uses the royalties from his publications to fund church needs since the guy has his integrity and reputation to uphold. I am able to say this because I have tracked this case since Maureen’s baseless accusations first surfaced.

It also read, and I quote, “A case in which the defendant in the court was never even served with the summons and here is Punch praising injustice against a blogger…shame!,” in that statement that was posted on the GIOTV blog. There is video footage showing that Maureen Badejo claims she was properly served with all letters and was aware of the hearings, but chose to disregard or at least treat them lightly. Oga Sowore, you really messed up on this one. You can find this online, so I’m puzzled as to why the All-Powerful Sowore didn’t do his homework.

Asserting that Dr. Olukoya received the judgment from an Ogun State Judge without following the proper procedures, Sowore has poured scorn on the judgment of the High Court of Ogun State against Maureen Badejo.

Any knowledgeable person who professes to be a journalist should correctly conduct research at the court’s registry in order to speak with knowledge and authority.

A quick search at the High Court Registry in Abeokuta would have shown him that DHL posted proofs of Delivery, which unmistakably demonstrate that Maureen Badejo personally accepted and signed for ALL court documents and Hearing Notices, without exception.

The astute public would do well to read the decision of the Court of Appeal, Lagos Division in the case No. CA/L/923/2013: Debola Nejo (Maureen’s mother) V. Access Bank Plc; Niracon Engineering Nigeria Ltd; Mrs. Maureen Omorinola Badejo; and Engr. Niran Badejo (Maureen’s estranged husband), which is reported in Law Pavilion Electronic Law Report as (2019) LPELR-47960

But these are just urban legends. Maureen has been given 28 days to demonstrate cause as to why the judgment should not be enforced against her in the Queens Bench Division of the High Court in England, where it has already been registered. At least this time she has a chance to show that DHL, not she, is the one who is lying about the service.

When he said that Dr. Olukoya finances Nigerian publications to give the impression that he won a lawsuit, Sowore also smeared us journalists. Man is what he thinks he is. He uses his own subpar standards to judge others, so it just takes a sick mentality schooled in brown-envelope quack journalism to draw such a broad generalization.

Wake up, Sowore, and smell the coffee. You were once our star, but that is no longer the case. You have completely lost any credibility and respect you may have had when your career first began.

Now that everyone is aware of who you are…

a self-centered, rent-seeking rabble-rouser who is desperate for significance and attention. Only the Nigerian Babalawo Association still takes you seriously.

The only people who would still refer to you as a “Foremost rights activist, pro-democracy advocate” are people like Maureen and her henchmen, but even that is gone now! Do you still recall how embarrassed and rejected you felt when you went up to join the #ENDSARS campaign? Your reality is what it is.

Sowore and Maureen Badejo get along well. They frequently rehash the tired narrative that MFM and Dr. Olukoya are hopping from court to court to file the same petition. Who is misleading whom will always be revealed at the conclusion of those situations. Wait and see what happens with yours; Maureen has hers.

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