Twitter Claims They ‘CAUGHT’ Legendary Busta Rhymes w/ ‘TRANS-LADY’! (Pics)

Rap legend Busta Rhymes was the top trending topic on Twitter this morning, after a recent image of Busta began circulating on the social media platform, MTO News has learned.


Busta was spotted out in New York City, walking with a blonde woman. The two appeared to be leaving a nightclub together. So what’s the issue?

Twitter is claiming that the blonde is a trans-lady. MTO News has not been able to confirm the claims on Twitter – but that hasn’t stopped folks from making the claim.

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And the Twitter rumor goes even further. MTO News learned that the person who posted the image – without evidence – claimed that it was taken at a Pride Event in New York. New York City is celebrating Gay Pride this week. 


Here are just a few comments taken from Twitter:

Say it ain’t so Busta is an ICON in hip hop And a Godbody

was he with her or did they walk out at the same time?

Is this at a pride event? I thought he was anti lgbt?

And the picture of Busta at the alleged event was picked up by the popular podcaster Star. He did an entire episode of his latest podcast covering the image, and linking it to past rumors that questioned Busta’s sexuality.


So far neither Busta Rhymes or his team has commented on the image.

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